About The Artist
"I am a visual artist inspired by the elements of nature.  I express my creativity through the exploration of textiles, fibres, paint, wire and thread.  I incorporate line, colour, shape form, negative and positive space to communicate my interpretation of nature's features to create two and three dimensional collage. 
If you are interested in a workshop, a piece from my gallery, a price list, 
or a commissioned work, you can contact me at 613-281-1171   


Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 8, 9, 10

About the Artist/ WORKSHOPS /SHOWS
Fibre/Mixed Media Artist
Catherine Timm
GALLERIES - updated February, 2022

Directions to Studio: 
At Westmeath continue on to Rapid Road for 8 km. Turn right at Timm Road. Go to the end and turn left onto Lachlan Lane. Drive 2 km and turn left onto Lapointe Trail. 1022 Lapointe Trail.
3 Day Workshop at Perivale   Nest summer - watch for up coming dates
Fibre, Fabric and Stitch – Mixed Media and Fibre Landscapes
Curated and Guided by Catherine Timm
Learn new techniques while building your interpretation of a scene, or if you are a free spirit, this class can be used to discover and explore the artist within. Using fabric, textures, embellishments (that you create), fabric adhesive, quilting (machine or hand) you will create your individual art piece. Be prepared to break the rules and colour outside the lines.
An opportunity to learn an assortment of creative methods and sharing expertise with fellow artists.
​More information and registration  perivalegallery@gmail.com  1-705-210-0290